Tech-as-a-Service and Cisco’s Easy Pay plan offer the latest technology with CF Corporate to give total financial freedom

Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service allows you to combine hardware and software finance into a single solution for your customers.

This allows your customers to retain financial flexibility and move away from large investments. Instead, they can benefit from the latest technology, training and maintenance through a low-cost, monthly or quarterly Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan.

Benefits of subscription-based technology

The subscription business model is fast becoming the most popular revenue generating model among Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology.

Subscription-based models such as Netflix and Spotify have radically changed the way we watch TV and listen to music. These multi-billion-dollar organisations are now an inherent part of our daily lives, and they are still growing at staggering rates every year.

The consumption model for entertainment can also be applied to the way customers consume IT, with added benefits that can:

  • improve your cash flow (receive payment as soon as the customer signs the financing contract)
  • shorten technology refresh cycles
  • increase your deal size (on average, financed deals are 30% bigger)
  • trigger recurring revenue
  • create long-term, sustainable relationships with customers

Organisations of all sizes have had their priorities thrown into sharp focus with today’s challenging environment: they have had to think about not only what they buy, but how they buy it.

Cisco Easy Pay

You can now quote for and purchase Cisco technology for your customers through Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service finance options. We offer an easier way for you to quote end user customers to fund new investment in premium infrastructure, but with no capital outlay!

Through Cisco Easy Pay financing plans, customers benefit from:

  • Hardware and software in a single subscription
  • 0% interest for three years on deals starting at £1,000
  • Easy to calculate subscription payment options using Tech Data’s online portal, InTouch.
  • Build-your-own solution options
  • End-of-term options

Your questions answered…

 Minimum deal value is £1000 

You get paid within 48 hours of the goods being delivered and signed for by the customer. 

Up yes, down no not yet, it is part of our blueprint, and we have a solution for CSP. 

The sweet spot is 100 to 150 users, but we can cater for all. 

With CF Corporate they can look to buy the equipment or extend the payments.

Yes, but automated system cannot facilitate, so it would necessitate call to the team. 

Yes – It is a legal requirement that the equipment is insured. This is usually covered by the end users business insurance. 

 The customer will be sent a Welcome Pack advising of Customer Services contact details, and a payment schedule. 

If you add ongoing services onto a quote, you will be paid the following month after the end user has made payment. For example, if an end user makes their payment in November you will receive the ongoing service at the beginning of December. It’s effectively a maintenance payment. 

The first 2 weeks of the following month after the agreement is activated. 

Resellers are able to add margin to each product line on the quoting tool but not over RRP of that product, this is paid to the reseller upfront on their invoice. 

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