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At CF Corporate, we offer customised leasing solutions for your specific needs and products. Our team of experts can create new options if necessary. Trust in our experience and innovative approach to take the stress out of leasing and help your business thrive.
Minimum Term Hire Agreement
Our standard lease agreement has the added option of including equipment maintenance. This brings benefits to both reseller and client.

The reseller can be sure that the customer relationship is continued and the client can be assured of correct maintenance with the added flexibility to allow for effective future budgeting.
Print/Vend plan is specifically designed for the reprographic and vending markets. This product expresses a lease as a price per print or vend. This means that the lease rental has a direct relationship to equipment use which provides benefits to both reseller and client.

For these markets Print/Vend Plan provides the perfect leasing solution.
Over a period of time some companies can accumulate a number of finance agreements with an array of outstanding terms and different payment dates creating unnecessary administration.

Master lease is an agreement that combines all the customers agreements into one easy-to-understand solution. This neat product ties up all finance agreements into one simple rental.

There are many reasons why a customer may find this option preferable. It might be that they are expecting a busy period and want to weight the payments towards the beginning of the lease. Or it may be the case that new equipment is designed to accelerate growth and a low rental cost is desired at the start of a lease.

Whatever the reason, Low/High Start provides a more flexible solution to a customer’s leasing requirements.

Flexscription is a subscription based product for the technology sector that provides guaranteed end-of-term options and peace of mind from day one, so that businesses can focus on their growth and success instead of worrying about financial uncertainties. More >

Flexscription also incorporates Flex-Pay which is a single advance subscription with one initial payment. More >

We work very closely with our partners and gain a comprehensive knowledge of both the product and the market. This is why sometimes it is necessary to create a totally new product.

Our innovative team can build a solution that responds to specific issues. Whether it is budget restrictions, maintenance cycles or a combination of other factors, CF Corporate can give you the leasing solution that puts your sales team in total control.

To discuss your requirements in detail contact us today and create your perfect finance option.

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Working with you

At CF Corporate we believe in long-term partnerships at a personal level in order to provide a responsive and proactive service. 

Market Focus
We make it our priority to understand your business as well as your product by producing bespoke finance solutions for maximum market penetration.
Circular economy

In these days of environmental responsibility managing a sustainable finance procurement policy is essential. CF is constantly looking for ways to reduce the impact on the environment.

Technology funding

CF Corporate are specialists in tech funding and have a dedicated team to bring businesses IT market focussed solutions.

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