Technology funding for schools
CF Corporate are specialists in providing technology finance in the education sector. We have bespoke finance models specifically designed to meet the particular requirements and regulations for schools, colleges and universities.

Because of their unique status, schools may encounter problems with confusing commercial and legal terms while managing their finances at the end of a subscription term or lease. Our education funding products are all ‘operating lease’ compliant and designed to be fair and transparent while avoiding any potential issues. We work together with IT suppliers to build a comprehensive understanding of this market, and over the years, we have built a team of experts.

The need for laptops and tablets for students is increasing, but they can be subject to heavy use and damage, which sometimes creates financial issues when the subscription ends. With CF Corporate, we provide both best and worst-case scenarios for end-of-term values upfront so that customers can budget confidently.

We partner with some of the largest education IT suppliers in the UK and are constantly improving our finance offer. Get in touch, so we can help you deliver a state-of-the-art finance solution for education facilities.

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