Offering finance options with your products can give you an edge in today’s competitive market. This selling tool can improve sales figures, customer satisfaction and margin by providing credible financing options to customers.

Introducing CF Corporate, the premier ‘sales-aid-finance’ company that goes beyond traditional finance solutions to help your business grow. We are the ultimate business partner for those seeking to enhance their sales strategy by adding creative finance options.

Incorporating CF finance options into your portfolio provides your customers with more flexible budgets in a time when traditional borrowing processes are restrictive. Our unrivalled level of service, technical knowledge and support demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

We pride ourselves on being the trailblasers in our industry, leading the pack in innovative finance solutions. We are confident that we can provide the right tools to grow your business.

Don’t hesitate, call us today to take advantage of our groundbreaking expertise.

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Working with you

At CF Corporate we believe in long-term partnerships at a personal level in order to provide a responsive and proactive service. 

Market Focus
We make it our priority to understand your business as well as your product by producing bespoke finance solutions for maximum market penetration.
Circular economy

In these days of environmental responsibility managing a sustainable finance procurement policy is essential. CF is constantly looking for ways to reduce the impact on the environment.

Technology funding

CF Corporate are specialists in tech funding and have a dedicated team to bring businesses IT market focussed solutions.


CF Corporate’s latest innovation, Flexscription, is a flexible, transparent and sustainable subscription model that represents a totally new approach to finance that has taken the market by storm.

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